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jeudi 20 octobre 2022

Ferrarelle Società Benefit announces an agreement with Aloxe, the independent leader of recycled PET in Europe.

Press release - October 20th 2022

Based on the agreement, which is aimed at the greater exploitation and development of R-PET technologies, the ownership of the Presenzano site will pass to the Aloxe Group.
Neither employment levels nor contractual conditions are expected to be impacted.

Presenzano, October 20, 2022 - Ferrarelle Società Benefit, one of the top five companies in the mineral water sector in Italy, announces the agreement with Aloxe, the independent leader of recycled PET in Europe, to keep supporting Presenzano Business Unit (localized in Caserta area, Italy) virtuous and even more innovative development.
Consistent with its vocation as a responsible company, the employment level at the Caserta site will not be impacted in any way, nor will the workers' contractual conditions be changed. The deal also lays a solid foundation for a strong partnership between the two entities through a 10-year R-PET plastic supply contract. Ferrarelle Società Benefit will continue to invest in recycled packaging solutions, with the ambition of reaching the threshold of 50% of R-PET used on the market total volumes in the next 5 years: nowadays the company is already the Beverage company to use on
average more recycled plastic R-PET in its packages (37%) than the entire market. The closing of the deal, conducted with the support of the legal firms BDL and Perno & Cremonese, will take place on the 7th of November.
The recycled plastic sector is characterized by constant and rapid technological innovations, which require a specific industrial focus to ensure its virtuous and competitive development. Therefore, Ferrarelle Società Benefit - which has been concretely committed to making environmental sustainability one of its business strategic asset - has found in Aloxe the right partner with a strong
recycling expertise.
"We strongly believe in the development of solutions and technologies for a responsible use of plastic materials, which are fundamental to our business. This transaction represents to us the most valuable action to achieve this goal."- stated Marco Pesaresi, General Manager of Ferrarelle Società Benefit.
"With this agreement we will be able to leverage on a partner that will accompany us on our path of sustainability and focus on our core business represented by the activities related to Food & Beverage."
"We aim to partner with leading FMCG’s and plastic packaging manufacturing companies to supply them with high-quality recycled PET; we will continue to work closely with Ferrarelle Società Benefit
to support them achieving their ambitious sustainable packaging goals" said Arnaud Piroëlle, Aloxe’s Executive Director.
In the deal, Aloxe was supported by Ethica Group (part of Mergers Alliance) as financial advisor and by law firm ADVANT Nctm. The industrial project of Presenzano, undertaken by Ferrarelle Società Benefit with the contribution of Invitalia in 2018, has been highly successful in changing the industrial culture related to the approach to sustainability and raising awareness about consumptions in public opinion. Entrusting
Aloxe with this project means ensuring its further longevity and growth, thanks to its great sector specialization.

About Ferrarelle Società Benefit

Ferrarelle Società Benefit, one of the top five companies in the mineral water sector in Italy, and owner of the Ferrarelle, Vitasnella, Fonte Essenziale, Boario, Natía, Santagata, and Roccafina brands.
It has two plants in Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia) and Riardo (Caserta) for bottling and it is the exclusive distributor of the Evian brand in the Peninsula. The company is also expanding abroad, distributing Ferrarelle and Natía in the USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Israel,
Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Since August 2017, it owns Amedei Toscana, an Italian high-end chocolate production company, and its plant in Pontedera (Pisa). Within the Parco Sorgenti Ferrarelle
in Riardo (Caserta), the company has also recovered the Masseria delle Sorgenti farm that follows the conversion of organic farming methods.

For further information: https://www.ferrarelle.it/en
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Aloxe is the independent leader of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) in Europe; Aloxe supplies high-quality resins and large volumes for sustainable packaging markets such as food & beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Aloxe has built up over 20 years’ worth of expertise in recycling; Aloxe will operate 120 000 tons of capacity in France, Italy, and Poland in 2024. In a
controversial context on plastic and packaging, Aloxe is helping to make plastics a solution for a sustainable future. Aloxe has been supported since its creation by the private equity firm Ara
For more information on Aloxe, please visit www.aloxe.one
Contact : Fabienne Rochereau, Fabienne.rochereau@aloxe.one


Ara Partners is a private equity firm specializing in industrial decarbonization investments.

Ara Partners invests in the industrial & manufacturing, chemicals & materials, energy efficiency & green fuels and food & agriculture sectors, seeking to build businesses that provide significant
decarbonization impact. It operates from offices in Boston, Massachusetts, Houston,
Texas and Dublin, Ireland. Ara Partners closed its second fund with approximately $1.1 billion in capital commitments in September 2021.
For more information on Ara Partners, please visit www.arapartners.com

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